Real Estate News – 91506
It was a very active month for the 91506 zip code in September. There were 22 homes sold last month. This is 57% more than were sold last year in September. And 29% more than were sold in August of this year. Four of the homes sold were over a million. There have been some rumblings of a slow-down in activity, but the numbers are just not showing this particular trend in Burbank. There are industry analysts who are saying that we could be at the precipice just before we start the inevitable down-turn. But on the other hand, we also have analysts that say that we still have some room to go up before we hit that down slope. I am falling on the side of the latter. I’m thinking that once the election is over, and the earth continues to rotate, everyone will get back to business as usual.

Homes Sold In September 2016 – 91506 (Click Here)

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